Suppliers to Chicken CycleKit

Many suppliers are long-established manufacturers in their particular field of production. Campagnolo, Cinelli, Sapim, Selle Italia and Zefal are good examples. They are amongst the most famous European suppliers in existence. We have been working with most of these companies for a considerable time. Others like Deda, Vittoria tyres, Miche, Vittoria shoes and Nalini are famous for their particular product ranges and our association with them is relatively new. Their importance in the UK is growing rapidly. Other companies we represent were founded up to 40 years ago like KMC, LAS, Jet Black, EBC and T.A. Briko eyewear and clothing, Vermarc clothing, Flinger mudguards and Sportourer saddles and accessories have been added to the portfolio and most recently SiS Science in Sport nutrition. Each manufacturer brings to market new products year-on-year, selling world-wide, sponsoring riders and giving customer's added value by supplying high quality materials backed up by warranties and a comprehensive spare parts service. Most of our suppliers manufacture products within the confines of strict environmental controls. Certain Zefal mudguards and all Sportourer saddles stand out as eco-friendly, helping reduce greenhouse gases from raw material extraction to manufacture resulting in a low carbon footprint CO2 emission factor. More and more CycleKit products are packaged in 100% recyclable materials using natural inks.

The brands (listed in alphabetical order):-

To celebrate 80 years of cycling history Campagnolo has revisited some of its most emblematic products and created a functional representation of what the brand was, is and will continue to be in the future. Campagnolo has reinterpreted perhaps its greatest contribution to cycling, the mechanical transmission. Through years of continuous innovation and numerous evolutions the Campagnolo groupset has accompanied many of the most important athletes in cycling history to prestigious victories. Campagnolo has also made fast bikes faster and feared athletes more fearsome through its' production of some of the highest performance wheels and hubs ever ridden. To celebrate the contributions of Campagnolo to cycling, the iconic Italian company has taken its' top mechanical groupset and wheelset and added revolutionary cutting-edge treatments to create the unique looking 80th Anniversary collection of special edition components. It is elegant enough to represent the prestige of Campagnolo's history yet durable enough to withstand the rigors of competition. New finishing techniques such as humid-state micro-sanding of carbon fibre parts, new opaque finishing procedures on aluminum parts and new treatments for often overlooked technical pieces - these will resist the test of time and use. Even the celebratory logo resists even the harshest and most aggressive cleaning agents.

The first to bring an 11 speed electronic system to market, Campagnolo EPS has asserted its resurgence at the top of the road racing market. The internationally recognised Super Record, Record and Chorus EPS groups have led to a big demand from current Pro Tour riders, triathletes, former racers and new converts to road cycling.

Cinelli was established in 1919 and Cinelli frames and racing bikes are legendary in racing history. Way ahead of the field in design terms throughout the 80's and 90's, Cinelli has re-emerged as an unequalled maker of specialist bicycles. Cinelli has always treated design by its own definition of shape, technique, creativity, function, uniqueness and know-how. You can always tell a Cinelli - its style is inimitable. Cinelli have won 28 Gold Medals in various Olympic Games and World Championships. Their reputation extends far beyond the cycle industry because their values are different and because cycling is such an important part of their Italian life. Cinelli undoubtedly fits all the criteria of racing. Their niche Bootleg brand comprises highly desirable street bikes, originally conceived from a trend in Italy where top-end bikes were covered in black tape to disguise their value.

Columbus tubing was founded in 1919 and is owned by Antonio Colombo. Now a division of Gruppo in Milan which also owns the bicycle and parts manufacturer, Cinelli. The Columbus name is to be found on famous name bikes sold throughout the world. The renaissance in the demand for lightweight steel tubing from smaller bike builders results in part from the new Fixie phenomenon. The Mash framesets, a Californian concept, are made in Columbus Airplane and Columbus Zonal 7005 alloy tubing, as is the Zydeco. The timeless Super Corsa road racing and the latest carbon Laser join the flagship steel track frame, the Vigorelli. The XCR seamless, biphasic stainless steel frame is top of the range. A variety of Columbus carbon forks are available.

Sometimes the strongest lock is insufficient to deter thieves but the availability of the Datatag Pro UV Stealth system for bike frames, components and accessories offers a multi-layered approach to identification. Simple to fit, visible and hidden identifiers provide an almost irremovable UV etching. It is a Police Preferred Crime Prevention Product which, when used in conjunction with hand-held scanning equipment, can access the most comprehensive official databases. The system protects all painted, lacquered or powder coated frames ( though not raw frames) and the Datadot micro technology, used to mark your components and accessories, makes it virtually impossible for criminals to locate and remove them all. Owners of bikes fitted with Datatag protection also benefit from reduced premiums from many major insurers.

Deda Elementi
In a world that is becoming more banal and conventional, these racing components designs are in a class of their own unique style. You, too, can uncover the wonders of advanced materials, innovative designs and time-tested shapes that have helped build the integrity and heritage of a company that provides answers to the demands of winners.

Deda has been producing lightweight alloy and steel frames for major Italian manufacturers for decades. From the very outset the company dominated the Pro Tour scene which was to prove the perfect launch pad for a succession of race winning handlebars and stems. Logically, a succession of front forks for the replacement market followed.

Deda Elementi wheels
Remaining true to core traditions of technical innovation and classic Italian design, the wheel range has key engineering features built on the principle of Reverse Inertia. Deda always have a unique way of looking at the bicycle and the wheels are an entirely new concept and a natural progression. They complement the sets of frames, forks, bars and stems. By putting the spoke nipples close to the hub a faster wheel is obtained simply and effectively.

Dedacciai frames have been unknowingly ridden by very many cyclists. The company has produced lightweight alloy and steel tubing for major Italian brands for decades. Large numbers of successful pro riders have all helped Dedacciai build an enviable reputation. Hydroformed magnesium alloys were then used to make the Pinarello Dogma and this association rocketed Dedacciai onto the world stage. The AWP process, unique to Dedacciai, gives their carbon frames significant advantages over monocoque carbon frames.

EBC is the largest disc brake pad maker in the world. The ranges of open, closed and sintered MTB bike pads are superb replacements for most major disc brakes. No fewer than 129 different pads are available. EBC needs no quality credentials, comfortably exceeding stringent TUV standards. Some 400 people are employed in the new Northampton factory. 86% of what they make is produced in the U.K. or in their American subsidiary. Best known for motorcycle disc brake pads, EBC also supplies inter-city trains, the DLR, buses, coaches, tractors, cars and moped manufacturers.

Manufacturing since 1989, Flinger mudguards are a classic design, reworked for the UK market to suit the majority of disciplines and weather that our country has to offer.

Flinger guards are full length mudguards available in a variety of widths and made from the highest quality, lightweight Polycarbonate. This is stronger and more impact resistant than most other mudguards on the market, which is then further improved by their 4mm kinked stainless steel stays, which add a greater stiffness and rigidity and allow for clearance of modern disc brakes and carrier racks.

Added features like state of the art Euro breakaway clips to keep you safe, front and rear mud flaps and a Cateye reflector on the rear all help to make Flinger mudguards the choice of the discerning all-weather UK cyclist.

Jet Black Cycling is a relative newcomer to the international scene and has made an important contribution to the design of modern day turbo trainers with a calibrated Fluid Resistance head and new, heavier flywheel design. Supplied fully assembled with folding frames for ease of storage or travel. Winners of the IF International Forum Product Design Award they offer rock solid stability for the toughest rider and a back-up service in spares parts and accessories. Based in Australia Jet Black works with top racing cyclists to design and develop cycle equipment and accessories. These include a range of bike racks for cars, sun glasses, bags and transport bags for bikes.

KMC is a Taiwanese manufacturer, founded in 1977 currently producing 110 million bicycle chains worldwide. Continuous R & D and valuable feedback from the top pro racers have led to the industry's top Design Awards. KMC is the second largest selling bike chain brand in the UK. It has the finest range of bike chains in the world. Within the space of just 4 years it has succeeded in producing not only a chain for every user but also a chain of unequalled quality in every riding discipline. KMC makes chain for famous brand names, making it the No.1 choice for all quality bike manufacturers.

LAS is best known as the easy-fit, made in Italy, helmet. The 40th Anniversary was celebrated with the production of the Limited Edition, top-end Victory model. This helmet, as well as other Victory models, also the Squalo and the Anubi are the most comfortable helmets available and have received several accolades in the press. Now part of the Briko group, LAS offers all number of special features like a one hand roller adjustment to open or close the interior size as well as front / rear tilt. Summer and winter interior pads can be exchanged, chin-straps washed and all number of spare parts are available. All safety standards are comfortably exceeded.

Miche started life 90 years ago when Ferdinando Michelin started to make component parts. He agreed with the French tyre producer to change his company's name to Miche. Today it is still family owned. Throughout its history Miche has worked closely with Italian pro and amateur riders. This test-bench has formed an integral part of the success of the company that offers not only high-end but also mid-range parts for amateur riders. By using CAD/Cam design and robots, albeit with a passionate human engineering knowledge, Miche produces an exceptionally large range of different products across a wide spectrum of prices. Its’ large scale wheel production which is also in Italy is complemented by the manufacture of hubs, cassettes, chainsets, brakes and other components.

Nalini clothing's origins go back to the racing days of cycling professional Vincenzo Mantovani. He founded the company, one of the few still producing clothing in Italy. By concentrating on exclusive garment production and new fabric technology it tailors high caliber clothing for pro and amateur riders. The Adidas sponsored Team Sky and British Cycling strip, along with Rapha clothing are examples in point. The Bianchi Milano range of high performance bike wear is the epitome of heritage production and design. Customised apparel is another important part of the offering. Complete ranges of winter and summer race clothing are available year round, enabling you to buy what you need at any time of the year.

2.5 million rims are produced annually by Ryde, part of the large Rigida rim group based in Holland. The opening of a new department for the production of high-end rims is an entirely different business with considerable potential. These latest additions are for quality wheel builders who are looking for new racing models, including asymmetric versions. The updated range is a continuation of a great heritage built up over more than 100 years and synonymous with top-class quality, high level safety, reliability and a continuous commitment to innovation and perfection. Trained engineers specialising in rim construction have helped to bring to market inspirational concepts designed for most types of cycling. The entirely new alloy selected for the production of these high performance rims is 15% lighter than alloy currently used on comparable standard rims.The Ryde commitment to finding better and safer cycling solutions has never been more relevant.

Sapim has made high quality spokes and nipples in Belgium for the last 90 years. By utilising age-long manufacturing techniques, the best stainless steel, strict quality control and various lab centre test reports, Sapim has become increasingly respected in the bike industry. The company has played a unique part in Pro Tour and MTB racing. Sapim is able to give athletes the very best. Top road riders as well as many national and international mountain bikers are sponsored, providing valuable input from the racing circuit - the best test bench of all. The majority of Sapim spokes are custom made. Within the range there is a spoke suited to every wheel requirement. The phenomenal growth in the demand for aero spokes - the Sapim CX-Ray in particular - has caused many top wheel brands to fit this top-of-the-range spoke.

A new factory with an enlarged production facility will overcome recent stock shortages. Currently, Sapim produced 360 million spokes a year.

Science in Sport is a leading sports nutrition company that develops, manufactures and markets sports nutrition products for professional athletes and sports enthusiasts. SiS is a strong brand in the elite athlete community - in the 2012 London Olympics, 24 medal-winning athletes or teams used SiS products. Currently the official sports nutrition supplier to cycling teams: Katusha, Astana, Trek, Rapha Condor JLT and Madison Genesis. SiS are also currently the official supplier of sports drinks and sports nutrition to the GB Rowing Team and have Sir Chris Hoy and two time ITU World Triathlon Champion Helen Jenkins as official brand ambassadors. SiS has two core product ranges: SiS GO, comprising energy powders, isotonic gels, energy bars and hydration tablets; and SiS REGO, including protein based recovery powders and bars. The company was founded in 1992 and the products are made in Nelson, Lancashire.

Selle Italia was established in 1897 and is today the ultimate reference in saddle construction. The first lightweight saddle producer of the 1960's made the Turbo and the titanium rail Flite, the perfect saddle for the new breed of mountain bikers. With a weight of less than 200g it was to prove the world's bestselling racing saddle.

The anatomic Gel Flow cut-out re- invigorated the whole saddle market. Hitherto unthinkable levels of cycling comfort have been achieved. A Selle Italia bicycle saddle has become a cult object for athletes throughout the world. Within its extensive range, there is a model specifically suited to every cyclist of whatever discipline. The ID Matching System helps you choose, scientifically, what saddle suits you best. Three body measurements obtained with the help of your cycle dealer are computer recorded. The software program will then provide you with the categories of saddles, highly suited to your anatomy, that are recommended for your use. The information is based on the varying distance of the ischia bones. Following an in-depth study of the needs of racing cyclists, particularly those involved in triathlons, Selle Italia has also designed the Iron saddle range – a concentration of technology and innovation that saves a significant amount of muscle energy.

Sportourer is an established brand in the saddle market. A sister company of Selle Italia, the saddles are aimed at the leisure and commuter market. The majority of the range form part of the Sportourer Fit Corner. This development follows the success of the id-match saddle selection model rolled out by parent company Selle Italia. The format is less scientific but essential fulfils the same criteria - a simple test performed on the Fit Corner will recommend the best Sportourer saddle suited to your needs. The Sportourer brand is produced in a manner that respects the environment. The saddles are packaged in 100% recyclable materials which use natural inks.

Tifosi's much acclaimed build quality and design, combined with market beating prices, have established an enviable reputation for value. From its conception in 2000 through to 2006, alloy bike frames were highly respected and Tifosi held a special place in many hearts. Of greatest relevance continues to be the price tag of most models. Retailing at under £1000 most Tifosi bikes qualify for the benefit of the government Ride to Work scheme. It is a Chicken CycleKit brand, patented throughout Europe, assembled in Britain. Most of the parts that are fitted to Tifosi bikes are of European origin - Campagnolo and Miche group sets and wheels, KMC chains, Deda Elementi and Cinelli handlebars and stems, Selle Italia saddles and Vittoria tyres. It is a bike range that offers the ultimate customised option. You can have whatever crank length you want. You can choose a different set of forks or wheels to the standard. There are size options on bars and stems sizes as well as colour choices. Shimano groupsets are also offered as an option with many models.

Specialite T.A. started life with the production of bottle cages 60 years ago, since which time it has been making custom drinking bottles and a vast range of chain rings all of which are available ex-stock in the UK. The lathe teeth cutting machinery is completely updated but it is the same manufacturing procedure as years ago. 7075 T6 heat treated alloy is anodized, laser engraved with all relevant date as well as a marking to indicate the correct orientation. This is the most accurate way of producing a chainring, whether it is for a pattern Campagnolo, Shimano, SRAM or any other type of chainset. The final polishing process produces a jewel-like piece of engineering that will remain corrosion resistant and offer lifetime service. Outer 8, 9 and 10spd rings are supplied with a screw fitting chainstop. Middle rings have 4 UD pins for double ramps that radically improve shifting.

Transfil has been established for 50 years and supplies control cables to the French car industry as well as inner wires and outer cables for bicycles. This range has the benefit of large-scale production runs on automatic machines running 24/7. Dedicated attention to cable drawing and the use of high quality component parts ensure a production quality that is, without question as good as, if not superior to original cable and casing bike equipment. There are replacement wires for most Campagnolo, Shimano and SRAM models. Each is different and all are produced to the exacting requirements of the individual manufacturers. A range of upgrades is available with each cable set offering specific advantages. The technical aspects of the Flying Snake, Black Snake, Nox Snake and Mud Lovers are described in detail on our website.

Velox is a French company specializing in the manufacture of products essential for quality wheel building. Velox rim tapes for standard rims are used throughout the industry. Jantex tapes for tubular tyres and Tubasti glue are favorite brand used in large quantities by wheelbuilders and consumers alike.

In 1977, Frans Verbeeck started his clothing brand after ending a successful career as a professional cyclist. Frans and his wife started producing the garments in their garage, printing acrylic fibres and wool and following a visit to Italy, brought back to Belgium dye sublimation or dye diffusion techniques that were immediately accepted. Sales of the Vermarc label grew quickly. Named after his son Marc Verbeeck, PR.R Belgian-made Vermarc clothing has been the choice of top teams for many years and is the brand currently worn by Mark Cavendish. The company has a very strong presence within the club custom clothing scene - some 400 new designs are made every year.

Vittoria originated in Italy. The company now employs more than 1000 people spread over factories in Italy, Thailand and N. America. In excess of five million bike tyres, 700,000 tubular tyres, 1.5 million butyl tubes and 350,000 latex tubes are currently produced. The casing technology is the secret of Vittoria's outstanding quality. Pro Tour teams and individual riders have clocked up an impressive number of victories that have helped the brand achieve respect throughout the world. Many of the top racing models are hand made in Thailand like the famous Corsa CX tubular, with wins in all the most important races worldwide. To gain the respect of so many top racing cyclists over many decades is an immense achievement. Apart from tubular, track and road models, Vittoria offers a very comprehensive range of city/trekking, randonneur and off-road models all of which have puncture protection. All are designed and made to exacting standards to give maximum performance for a specific purpose, be it for the elite professional rider or everyday commuter. Many have a large handmade content.

Vittoria has been making shoes in Italy since 1976. It was founded by Celestino Vercelli, who competed in the Tour de France, the Vuelta a Espana and Giro d' Italia. Making the best use of his competitive experience he brought Vittoria shoes to the heights of international cycling fame. Ridden by Moreno Argentin, Sean Kelly, Maurizio Fondriest, Stephen Roche, Thor Hushovd, Marco Pantani and Luca Paolini as well as off-road riders like Giovanna Bonazzi, Paola Pezzo, Alessandro Fabian and Hanka Kupfernagel. Vittoria maintain that only a cycle shoe with a perfect fit can optimise performance since a shoe is the critical point of contact in transferring energy from you to your bike. Models for every cycling discipline are produced. A famous brand indeed and one that is, to this day, chosen for its innovative quality and styling. Having said that, the original classic, handmade lace-up shoe is still in demand.

In 1880 a French company called Les Etablissements AFA started manufacturing bicycle accessories, specializing in the design of toe straps and clips, bells and racks. Later renamed Poutrait, the company started to work closely with famous riders to develop products. In partnership with Messieurs Lapize and Christophe, both famous French cyclists, they created two new brands under the riders’ names. Under new ownership in 1900, frame pumps and foot pumps were manufactured under several brands one of which was Zefal. In the years to come, Zefal opened up markets throughout the world with the development in their pump technology. As a result of this, they started to export 75% of their production. With a huge range of products Zefal have established themselves a major competitor in the accessory market. The current production includes pumps, mudguards, bottles, bottle cages, lock, toe clips and straps and various maintenance products.