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Where do you get the best service and the widest selection of top-end bike components ?

The Cycle-Kit listing is highly specialised. The product available to the serious cyclist is superb - we supply some of the most famous brands for both the road and mtb rider. Carbon components, lightweight wheelsets, featherlite saddles; the choices are endless.

A listing as complex as ours will not always be available from any one shop at any time, BUT, we will almost certainly have the product in stock at our warehouse. Give our catalogue ref number to your dealer who will get the product for you within a few days.

We keep a huge stock of Campagnolo group sets as well as parts and spares, also wheels. so this minimises any possible delay in getting you back on your bike. Spare parts are available for most things we sell, which make our products even better value for money.

Your dealer will always have the most up-to-date price information. Please remember that we do not supply the public direct - a complete dealer listing is available here.

Additional warehousing now assists logistics services ensuring the rapid supply of our range to your local shop or mail order supplier.

Historical note

Today, brand names are more important than they ever were. If they are old brand names they can be even more valuable. The brand names we represent have been promoted over many decades. Click here.

Long established companies that have been able to keep abreast of modern technology have the added benefit of years of experience. Mechanical engineering processes going back 50 or more years explain in detail what makes several of our suppliers so special. Modern day marketing is used to emphasise the difference between creating and copying. This is an important difference.

Bikes are now seen as cult objects. The ranges we distribute are created in house in Bedfordshire. We have a wide choice of components to choose from in order to offer our Tifosi, Cinelli and Deda bikes with the right balance in terms of usage, performance, looks and price. The majority of the framesets are sourced abroad where aspects of health and safety do not affect the availability of relatively inexpensive tubing, particularly carbon.

We continue to build business based on well-established practices. Some of the best European made cycle components are imported and distributed by us. We offer good customer service, added value for money and generous guarantees. Short-haul delivery delays from Europe ensure quick stock replenishment. Spare parts availability ensures long-term usage. We have invested heavily in state of the art I.T. posting the very latest information on most media platforms.

The listing of stockists click here - represents just some of the specialist dealers we supply nationwide. If you have any questions please contact us on sales@chickencyclekit.co.uk

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